About Me

Hi! My name is Faebelina. Or you can call me Whit, Fae, Faeb, arty-Mc-Artface, whatever! But you didn’t come here for a list of my nicknames, you’d like to know more about me.

When I was little I, like all the other kids, was into the show called Sailor Moon. I would rush home off the school bus to make sure I made it in time to catch the newest episode. I was so inspired by the art and loved the characters so much, I drew them practically every day. I think to this day I could probably draw the main character with my eyes closed. Scratch that, I can--I’ve tried!

I never really cultivated my art skills, however. I didn’t take classes in school and when I graduated, I almost stopped drawing altogether. Later I met the man of my dreams, got married, and tried really hard to find a creative outlet I felt I was good at. At that point, I hadn’t drawn in three years. For a time I was photographing weddings, which I did love, but my husband could tell I wasn’t really happy. He suggested that I give art a second chance, and really pursue it.

It was the little push I needed.

I created a Twitter account in the spring of 2014 and decided to post my art to keep myself accountable--and also to record my progress. Things were really slow at first since I had no idea where to start and digital art was so foreign to me. But I was really stubborn, and I listened to lots of inspirational artists on the bad days to keep going. Thankfully, people were really kind to me on Twitter and later Deviantart/Tumblr and encouraged me to create more. After a few months I felt I had found what I loved most in life, and I was not going to give it up no matter how hard the road was.

Basically, I love my life, and I love art. And making art that makes people happy is all the better. Maybe someday you and I can create something together! --Faebelina